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About the Author

Abbey is a wife, mother, and lover of all things fantasy. She enjoys a good slow burn romance, tons of action, unique storytelling styles, lyrical prose, and lush world building. Though her books aren't Christian in theme, her faith informs all her endeavors. Her journey to becoming a published author began with fairytale retellings in second grade and progressed to hand-written original novels when she was in middle school. She took two courses with The Institute of Children's Literature when she was 15-17 and began taking her dream of a writing career more seriously when she wrote her first fantasy trilogy that, many years later, became Dragonhearted.

When she isn't reading or writing, she's either dreaming up more house projects or tending to her growing collection of houseplants. Her favorite color is green (sage and emerald specifically), she loves her espresso machine, she despises ketchup, and has always wanted to attend a masquerade ball.

Some of her current favorite reads include: Shades of Magic trilogy by V.E. Schwab, The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels by India Holton, Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas, Fourth Wing/Iron Flame by Rebecca Yarros, and anything by Rebecca Ross.

For more book related news, follow her on Twitter @abbey_author.

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Dragons are extinct and with them the Dragon Knights of Calagon. After generations of brutal war, a rocky peace now exists between the kingdom of Calagon and Alharzat, a nation ruled by a cruel warlord thirsting for vengeance.

Determined to evade a fate of being married to the highest bidder, Torliana’s years of searching the skies are fulfilled as a pair of yearling dragons emerge from the Ruaidhri Mountains. Tori, along with her friend, Prince Crispin, form bonds with the young dragons and set themselves to restoring the once-mighty order of Dragon Knights. Torn between her father’s desire to shackle her to the ambitious whims of a nobleman and the yearning of her own heart, Tori strives to find her purpose.

As word of their discovery spreads to Alharzat, and faced with a bitter betrayal, nothing can prepare Tori for the truth behind the legends, or the lengths she will have to go to in order to save what she holds most dear.


Dragonhearted is an action-packed adventure with complex characters, a slow burn romance, vivid imagery, and beautiful prose. Take a chance on reading it - I promise you won’t regret it! - Kate Ashbrook

…I stayed up past 2am to find out how the final battle would end. It didn’t disappoint! There was a good mix of action, romance, triumph, and tragedy. Game of Thrones vibes. I will read more by this author. - Amazon Reviewer

Delving into dark betrayals, torture and captivity, warfare, murder…the story takes some bleak turns which informs the unfolding romance. I loved seeing Tori grow from unsure princess to warrior queen. Would recommend to any fan of fantasy who doesn‘t mind a slow burn first third. - Twitter reviewer



This special anniversary edition includes a bonus scene following the epilogue!



A world drained of once-plentiful magic, three legendary powers lost to time, a fierce and desperate race to find them. If the wielders fall into the wrong hands, the fate of magic hangs in the balance...

Abandoned as a child, Kali’s longing for family and belonging lures her beyond the safety of Cardend. Kidnapped on her way to the academy, she is rescued by a mysterious elemental mage and becomes a player in a dangerous game, but the insidious ties she begins to form may threaten to destroy her.

Distraught by Kali’s sudden disappearance and trapped between duty and desire, her childhood friend, Rai, ventures into the desert to find her. Forming bonds with a band of raiders led by an elemental mage turned raider lord, Rai joins the hunt for the powers that pits him and Kali on opposing sides.

Thrust into a delicate balance of adventure and danger, Kali must unleash her own hidden potential to battle her way through a shadow realm in order to save the legendary powers from enslavement to a cruel master.


House of Shadows is a fresh and familiar story, and Franer sustains the action throughout the novel. An intriguing air of suspicion surrounds multiple characters, leaving the reader guessing at a web of potential antagonists. The storytelling is descriptive. The magic is subtle in the beginning chapters, though this is the crux of the plot. The third act makes up for this slow build, bursting into an eagerly awaited fantasy adventure, complete with magic, monsters, and a formidable house of horrors.

-Athene Z. Adam, author

Their world may be in ruins, but their story is captivating. A constant mix of conflicting groups, strategic misinformation, tragic or at the very least sympathetic backstories, romance, magic, and the lives of three small town adolescents trapped in the middle just trying to find home. Told from multiple perspectives you like the characters, are never sure who to trust or what to believe. Everyone has their own motive and their own determination to find the last remnants of magic in their ruined world, and they're willing to do anything to control it. I genuinely hope the series continues as I want to continue to adventure with them.

- Goodreads reviewer

A fantasy story that is action packed. The author takes the reader into a breathtaking adventure full of suspense and magic. It takes talent to build a new and exciting fantasy world. A must read for fans of YA fantasy stories. -BookSprout reviewer



All our flaws and furies (2023)

I am not a Dragon Knight and Ailsa is not my dragon.

Hope and healing. Tender as a pink scar, a reset bone, a sliver of trust. A whispered want fanned into blazing desire. Some dreams fall into our outstretched hands, some we strive to grasp with ferocity and shredded palms, some remain glittering stars in a void, a spark of hope ever beyond the touch of our desperate fingers.

Ailsa has her place and so do you. I’ve heard the words enough, but I will not be bent and contained by restrictions of any kind.

Thea’s future is laid out for her as the natural heir to her father’s prized orchards, but she is determined to compete in the annual dragon riding tournament, earning not only a royal invitation to join the ranks of Dragon Knights but proving she is more than the balance of her lineages, more than a farm girl with a shepherding dragon that isn’t hers.

Though she has no dragon and no sponsor, she joins the Idesmoor estate’s competing team as a dragon handler, gaining intimate access to Calagon’s finest dragons and riders including the youngest prince. Darrin may be arrogantly certain of his right to victory, but Thea bears no deference for Calagon’s royalty. Champion is a title earned and she will fight for it.

But more than a title hangs in the balance as Thea is framed for plotting against the royal family and a violent explosion of Drakonbane. Her future as well as her family’s is threatened and she must make unlikely allies to protect her name, her life, and the dragons of Calagon.


I loved this book! It has a unique depiction of the bond between dragons and riders. It has a tough, determined, kind heroine, and a sweet, scarred, devoted love interest. And two incredible dragons! Okay, lots of dragons, but those paired with our main characters are so wonderful—even their names! Love them so much! This is a gripping read you won’t want to put down, with some seriously swoony romance and an intriguing storyline. And there’s a book that’s set in the same world! I’ll absolutely be checking that out… while hoping for bonus scenes with these characters in some way in the future!

- Shelby Elizabeth, Author

If you like fourth wing this a comparable ya version that is spice free. We have a girl who has always dreamed of being a dragon knight rider but not sure if her dream will come to fruition. There is politics, high stakes, dragon rider competition,royalty and secrets . Revenge and group trying to over throw the crown . -Goodreads reviewer

Thea is a young shepherd who has dreams of being a dragon rider. While her dragon is smaller than most dragons in the upcoming competition and she's not from noble blood, she goes for her dreams. It's not long after she meets Prince Darrin that we see they have a connection. Their friendship builds over time as we get to know both characters more. There is alot of intrigue and plots going on both in the light and behind the scenes.

I highly enjoyed Franer's style of writing as it's from first person POV. The beginning starts in a humble, earthy setting that shows who Thea is and where she hopes to be. This is a great story! - Goodreads reviewer


Coming soon


Arabella fears nothing more than a too small life in a too small world. She wrote her first thing into being when she was nine years old, deciding lines of ink that sprouted in her backyard. There were rules and boundaries, yet unknown to her, and she intended to learn every one of them.

When she learns the strange magic in her veins makes her a rare and coveted Word Walker, she accepts a secretive invitation to cross the boundary between worlds to the realm of Valarae where she begins to understand and hone her power.

At Valarae, Arabella meets her bonded pair, Valence Kilacky, who is desperate for a cure for his ailing mother. Discovering the true extent of their combined power, they become targets for those seeking control. As the vile underbelly of Valarae and its headmasters rears its wicked head, Arabella and Valence flee into the Otherworlds or be leashed and drained of their magic for malicious means.

When their friends and worlds are threatened, Arabella is faced with the impossible choice of running forever or risk losing it all by returning to Valarae to tear it all down.


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Parental Guides

Hello! As a parent myself I understand sometimes we wish for parental guides and reviews for the books our children are reading as well as the movies and shows they're watching but those reviews can be tough to find.

If my books were to be given a movie rating they would be pG-13 for fantasy violence, thematic elements, and scary/threatening/dangerous situations. Some of the situations in Dragonhearted can be intense, including torture, but the gore is not gratuitous.

While you will find romance in all of my books, the romance is "clean", aka "non spicy".

If you, as a parent, have any detailed questions, or if you would like to ask for more specific content guidelines to any of my books, please feel free to contact me.